Flying Coin Examine App

Nice app

it is very nice to play


I saw this game on Instagram and it said you play game most people now as helix jump and win Amazon money if you could rate zero I would this game is so stupid no offense and you don’t win Amazon money



Fake ads

This app is just crap!


When I saw the video for this thing (preview) it was totally different this is a weird shooting game that earns no money...

Never got any money

I’m playing and haven’t gotten anything

Wow nice misleading click bait add

The add showed how to get free amazon gift cards

Bad gamev

Horrible game. Downloaded it thinking it was a different game because that is what they advertised

Not the advertised app in any way shape or form

This app has false advertising. This game is the same exact app as ‘Chameleon Rush’ and ‘Ball Crash - Boom’ Apple should be looking into this as this is becoming a scam.


The ONLY reason it’s even getting ONE star is because I HAVE to rate it. You get 1 gift card for 1 cent then one for 10 cents then one for 20 cents then 1 dollar then 3 dollars then 5 dollars then 10 then 20 then 50 then 100. I spent ALOT of time and energy earning the coins required to get the gift cards and they rejected me at my $10!!!! I asked why and they wouldn’t give me a real answer. They said there were some “abnormalities”. Like what?? Like I actually believed your lies and used your app unlike everyone else who was smart enough to stay away?? Do NOT get this app. You will spend hours on end earning coins and they will NOT give you the rewards they promised.

It’s a scam

It’s a scam it’s not really what it shows you don’t download it

I updated my phone and got a stupid game instead

This game is supposed to give me money. I was so freaking close to getting my $5 Amazon gift card but then this app turned into a game and all my 190,000 coin into nothing. I spent MONTHS trying to get that much. Thanks a lot. I’m giving this app 0 stars. Give me my $5 gift card

Game changed

At first you were. Licking to build up credits towards amazon gift cards. Then one day I logged in and it’s a game where you throw stuff at birds. No more gift cards. Where did they go? No answer from customer support.

Kinda a scam

It’s kinda a scam tbh. I read the reviews and I was like, “these are all fake” but i download it to see what everyone was freaking out about. You spin a wheel and you get amazon gift cards... you get a 1 cent at the start and you spin wheels to get coins to get Amazon gift cards. So it’s kinda a scam but it’s not at the same time. If your looking to get money fast, don’t get it. If you want money and you don’t care how long it takes, get it.

Scam app

After playing for about a week the app changed an I can no longer get any rewards with my coins. Total scam to get money from you and never give you any back


This app doo doo

Seriously Listen To The Reviews

Before I download this app I looked through the reviews and noticed a large majority of them were negative. I downloaded it anyways because I though “eh what the heck” seriously DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. You have to play about 6 “games” to earn coins and you only end up with about have the coins you need to get one or two cents on a gift card. Then you have to wait until the next day to earn more coins. They want you to earn 8,000 coins for a two cent gift card. It’s nothing like the little demo you see on ads. It’s a huge scam and waste of time.


Good but how do you make money

2 different games

Both my bf and I downloaded this game, he got the one advertised and I got a whole different game... why is that...?


First of all the app is nothing like the advertisement second they don’t even give you gift cards they reward you with apps so they can get money third of all they only let you play that one game without any other options but to right a review or share the game don’t download the game it’s a waste of time and it’s stupid🤦🏽‍♀️


Ad said I could earn money, misleading. Hate it and frick off


This is supposed to be a game that you get one cent for every time you play and it doesn’t give you any money at all this game is a scam!!!!!!!!!! Don’t download!!!!!!!!!!


If your coming from an Instagram ad, this has nothing to do with getting any money. This is just a trick to get you to download their app. The overall app is dumb, too.


It's a scam there is NO button to even earn 1.00

Help me

Guys last year i has downloaded and i taking amazon gift card and now i cannot this game is changed whyy??


Yes u can make pennies for Amazon eCard but this is how it work you'll do good till $0.20 card after that it $1,$5 and so on. They will cheat you in point and only give 100 or 50 maybe in a blue moon 200 or above. They make you watch ads more then u make money. And oh the last Spin thing you will never get an Amazon card not even a $0.10. BS need to be taken off Store and banned or fined.

Doing this for coins


No puedo canjear ya gift card

De un día a otro el juego cambio y ya no puedo canjear mis tarjeta gift card

Nothing like the ad

All though it is a medium fun game, in the ad it showed you getting amazon gift cards and such. All your doing in the game is hitting birds with knifes and stuff.

Flying Coin

It works for me ...!!!!!!!!iys awesome and I already got one cent from 3 minuets of playing !!!!!🤩


This game give s you one cent and tells you wait 5 hours to play for another one cent and after you get the one cent it tells you wait 24 hours and it has no king of fight what so ever and ITS THE WORLDS BIGGEST SCAM

It’s ass👎🏿

It’s ass👎🏿 don’t get no amazon money

More Boring Than Watching Paints Dry !!!

The absolutely worse & irrelevant Game I have ever downloaded & payed - So I would HIGHLY Recommend avoiding at all cost !!$


It’s a fake game and all you can get is amazon how do you change to the others

Bad app. Don’t purchase/buy.

This is not a good game at all. In fact, it’s a scam. I found this “money game” from an ad and it’s not a money game. It’s SUPPOSED to be where you get 1 cent for pressing the screen and making a stack. But it’s not. Where did they even get the pictures from for the “review” thing? I don’t understand why the app developers would be so stupid in their minds to make it look like you earn money but then people get their hopes up. And I would like to play the game even if it didn’t earn you money. Anyways, what I’m saying is, they shouldn’t make the app if their just going to get peoples hopes up and then they write a bad review, like I am, and then they just make people not like them. It takes less time to make it right then make it wrong. If this app costed money, and you got scammed like it does scam you, that is just dumb. They aren’t right in the mind. Don’t get this app. Take my word. Not theirs. Thank you. -Kaitlyn




It’s just the same games over and over again, but you can earn amazon gift card codes if you are willing to play every day for like 3 months

Great game with lots of Amazon rewards!

So far i have won over 10 dollars in amazon gift cards and have only been playing for about a month!! I totally recommend this game even though it takes a little while to earn big bucks in amazon money. The only complaint i have is all the ads they show you, but i guess they have to do that if they’re giving out that much money!

Clickbait much?!!

This is a totally different game we’re did they even get the screen shots? There’s no stacking just shooting birds with a knife! I didn’t see anyway way to link it to your account to earn money. It’s also glitchy and hard to shoot the knives. The actual game is ok but this is total CLICKBAIT.


You don’t win anything



Truthfully a terrible idea

Saw this on an ad, tried it out, didn’t even LOOK anything like the ad, or the pictures. Deleted the app for being useless and a waste of time, and you should too, if you have it.

Rip Off

A rip-off


it’s not the games that are in the screenshots; but you do get money. it’s my 2nd day on the app and i’ve gotten 11 cents on my amazon account already. i know it doesn’t sound like a lot; but for two days of doing nothing i have money.

It works as it should

If you want the game you get on the pictures, turn on Ad blocker...

Slow and steady wins the race

When I first got this I was skeptical. Then I played it for about three weeks and got $5 for Amazon. It has a different game play then the screen shots. I like this app because it gives you a level every five hours. I use this to earn money because I am not old enough to get a job.


i use it when im like 15 cents short for amazon

Scam? I’m confused

Hello. I’m very confused at the moment because this app has nothing to do with an amazon gift card AT ALL. This game is totally different then what it looks like in the ad that interested me in it. I’m just going to say I feel so utterly dumb for falling for this and I shouldn’t have to say that for being a purchaser of this app. I mean to be serious the game that has scammed me is dumb in general. I also feel dumb because if you actually pay attention to the ad what does it have to do with “flying coin”?? I’m just sitting here thinking of how many people have deleted this scam already. Disappointed. Confused. Angry. SCAM.


Nothing like the ads can’t even win real money anymore so pointless don’t get it

Not to worth it if you don’t have much time to spend.

The app starts out by throwing coins at you to get you interested. I knew that wouldn’t last because that’s how all these apps that give you some sort of currency works. However, once you earn the $1 reward, the amount of coins you get from the games drops significantly. You get little and sometimes no rewards for the games they have. The only real way to get coins is to watch ads and download other apps to play. So if you only have a couple minutes add to play all the games it’s not worth it at all. If you have time to download the other apps and spend time to get those rewards then I would recommend the app.

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